WEFAX - Weather Fax reception


Receiving weather images on HF


WEFAX (Also known as Weatherfax, HF-FAX, Radiofax, and Weather Facsimile) is a slow scan analogue image transmission mode used for the transmission of press images, weather charts, newspapers, and meteorological reports.1


Standard HF setup for this, we use FLDigi for the software decoding.

Serial Category Item Notes
001 Antenna Home made end fed NVIS antenna Runs round the garden fence
002 Coax run 1m of RG58 with SO-239 at each end and a ferrite choke Connects the transformer to the radio
003 Transformer 49:1 unun Connects my antenna to my coax
004 Radio Xiegu G90 Worked well as ever
005 Radio Digital mode stand and fan Cools the G90, useful for digital modes
006 Digital Modes MinProSC Flawless as ever
007 Software FLDigi Used to decode the WEFAX

WEFAX stations

There are lots of WEFAX stations that you can look up online. Radioenthusiast has a great page. The two stations that I've had experience with are:

Serial Name Call sign Frequency Schedule link
1 FWOC - FLEET Weather and Oceanographic Centre Northwood GFA 2618.5 kHz / 4610 kHz / 8040 kHz / 11086.5 kHz schedule
2 Hamburg - Pinneburg DDH3 3885 kHz schedule
3 Hamburg - Pinneburg DDK3 7880 kHz schedule
4 Hamburg - Pinneburg DDK6 13882.5 kHz schedule

FLDigi setup

There are a lot of good guides on line. I won't replicate that here, but point you at a few good references and offer some advice on what I have found.

This guide includes advice on the changes you need for the German station, frequency shift of 850 for German station and 800 for Northwood.

The major setting that you have to play with, once you have your frequency set if the slant. You can let FLDigi do it but you might need to alter it. Doing it during reception will cause a few artifacts in your images, so be aware that you want to get it as right as you can and then leave well alone.

I've included a gallery of the some of the images that I've captured, including some with some 'issues'

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