More SSTV from the International Space Station

My gallery of SSTV images from ARISS "Amateur radio on Shuttle, Mir and ISS" SSTV event - June 21-26


I discussed my set up to decode SSTV from ISS in this post. This post details all the images that I was able to capture. The steps I took to improve what I can capture and next steps. I hope you find it useful. I've also included the captured audio if you want to decode the pictures for yourself.


I made two major changes. One hardware, one software:

  • The major hardware change was antenna alignment. Previously, I had my flowerpot antenna vertical and elevated in my back garden up on the wall in the trees. This gave me a large null overhead and reduced the signal strength when ISS passed overhead at high elevation. As I'm at 51.4 degrees north and the inclination of ISS orbit is 51.6 degrees, I do get a lot of overhead and high elevation passes. The solution was simply to lie the antenna down on my garden table. Simples.
  • I also tweaked the software. As I mentioned in the last post, SDR Console has a satellite plugin that will allow you to autotune for a satellite pass including doppler compensation and auto recording. I worked out how to use it and switched to that over Gpredict.

Images and audio

I've shown the best of the images I captured and also included the .wav file in case you want to decode for yourself. The format is PD120.

26 June 2021

Richard Garriot - Image 10/12

Image 10 of 12
Download audio file .wav

Mike Hopkins - Image 11/12

Image 11 of 12
Download audio file .wav

24 June 2021

3 US Astronauts - Image 06/12

Owen Garriot - Image 07/12

Image 07 of 12
Download audio file .wav

Musa Manarov - Image 08/12

Image 08 of 12
Download audio file .wav

22 June 2021

Sergey Krikalyov - Image 09/12

Image 09 of 12
Download audio file .wav

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