Current Job List


A scratchpad for my current jobs list.

Job List

Serial Category Job Status Notes
001 Fixes Replace the filters on the TM-V71 Parts arrived Need a nice clear weekend and a nice clear bench...
002 Build Add GPS to my VX-8 Waiting on PCB See this project.
003 Antennas Build a hourglass loop antenna Need parts Have a design in mind, need to get parts in. Also another way to do it here.
004 Install Commission new project bench On order Ordered my new bench, should be built at end of February
005 Pi Build a Pi based weather station (with APRS) Idea Possibly based on the Pimoroni Weather Hat
006 Dev APRS Buddy list Idea ESP32 APRS Buddy List display. When were they last heard and where
007 Dev Yagi Targeting Computer Idea ESP32 plus GPS plus IMU Yagi pointing aid for Sat work
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