Goals for 2024


2024 goals. Holding myself to account

2022/3 Goals recap

I set myself some goals during 2022 and nothing in 2023 as circumstances had changed, the return to work onsite post pandemic and this year, the loss of a family member, meant that I had limited time for Amateur Radio and other hobbies. These things happen, and as it is said, it's not about how you fall, its about how you get up again. So 2024 is time for a reset, of expectations as much as goals. I can only achieve so much, and I need to plan that in better.

So what goals did I have and are they still relevant in 2024?

2021 Goals List

Task Target Date Current Status Comments
Buy a suitable portable radio 01 July 2021 Achieved Bought an IC-705
Activate a SOTA summit 01 July 2021 Achieved Activated local summit Beacon Batch and followed up with Dundry Down
Learn Morse Code 25 March 2021 In progress See post

2022 Goal List

Serial Theme Task Target Date Current Status Comments
001 Full licence Obtain Full Licence March 2022 Achieved Completed Full Licence course with OARC
002 Shack Order a new desk for office Jan 2022 Achieved New desk from Chunky Furniture
003 Shack Obtain a suitable 2m / 70 cm antenna for home March 2022 Not Started ๐Ÿ›‘ Need to identify how much loft space I have
004 Shack Rack mount my radios in new desk March 2022 Achieved Although this setup will change when I move the office / shack
005 Portable Buy a suitable portable radio March 2022 Achieved Held over from 2021. IC-705 was the buy.
006 Portable Activate a SOTA summit April 2022 Achieved Activated local summit Beacon Batch and followed up with Dundry Down
007 Other Learn Morse Code Autumn 2022 Not Started ๐Ÿ›‘ Held over from 2021
008 Other Improve my 2m contesting station Spring 2022 Not Started ๐Ÿ›‘ Need a better 2m antenna and maybe an IC-9700? This doesn't preclude me doing more portable contesting.

Job List

Additionally, I had a jobs list from May 2022.

Serial Category Job Status Notes
001 Fixes Replace the filters on the TM-V71 Parts arrived Need a nice clear weekend and a nice clear bench...
002 Build Add GPS to my VX-8 Project not complete See this project. Might be worth a future post...
003 Antennas Build a hourglass loop antenna Not Achieved Have a design in mind, need to get parts in. Also another way to do it here.
004 Install Commission new project bench Achieved Love the new bench, however I need more space so I want to swap the office and 2nd bedroom around.
005 Pi Build a Pi based weather station (with APRS) Idea Possibly based on the Pimoroni Weather Hat
006 Dev APRS Buddy list Idea ESP32 APRS Buddy List display. When were they last heard and where
007 Dev Yagi Targeting Computer Idea ESP32 plus GPS plus IMU Yagi pointing aid for Sat work

Overall, I didn't do as badly as I thought. Although, I've achieved little in 2023 of note due to time pressures. Maybe some of these idea will make the new list... maybe not.

2024 Priorities

My goal for 2024 is to plan and achieve more realistically. I will do this by minimizing work in progress (finish more, start less!) and being clear about what I am planning to do.

Broadly there are four themes:

  • Amateur Radio - main effort is to build a QO-100 station
  • Focus on my house - main effort is to swap around my shack and 2nd bedroom to give me more space
  • Learn new skills - piano (underway) and PCB design (to be started)
  • Make time for family - this is about balance and planning, rather than activities

I also intend to use this blog more, and might rebrand it if it isn't all radio... at least it might migrate to M0SMU as the new amateur licence will probably require giving up my M7.

2024 Specific Goals

Serial Priority Category Job Status Notes
2024001 High Radio Build a QO-100 Station Not Started ๐Ÿ›‘ This will be subject of a post soon.
2024002 Medium Radio More Satellite QSOs Not Started ๐Ÿ›‘ I really enjoyed FM sats, so I want to do more when the weather improves in the UK.
2024003 High Home Sort out TV bench, soundbar and wall mount TV Not Started ๐Ÿ›‘ I have all the parts, I just need a weekend free.
2024004 Medium Home Swap office and 2nd bedroom Not Started ๐Ÿ›‘ Will make better use of the space I have.
2024005 High Skills Piano lessons fortnightly, daily practice Started Enjoying it but I have so much to learn.
2024006 Low Skills Learn PCB Design Not Started ๐Ÿ›‘ KiCAD or similar. Need to identify a good course and a suitable starter project, possibly radio related

How will I manage this?

The plan is to have a plan.

A Trello type backlog and the goal is to advance one project in each area per month. If I do more, then so be it. But the aim is to advance on my four themes each month in a planned and identifiable way. The sub goal is to finish things before I start something else. Easier said than done.

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