New QTH - planning


I've moved QTH. So what do you want to be able to do, now I have my own place?


I haven't really posted much to my blog in the last few months, I've been busy moving house. Now I'm in the new QTH, my thoughts have turned back to radio, and looking at what I want to do in my new home.


This year, with lockdown / COVID and moving, has been an odd year. I've got a 2021 goal blog where I'm tracking my goals for the year. This post doesn't change my goals, but I have different constraints which will influence how I finish off 2021 and set my 2022 goals.


At my old QTH, I had an long wire HF antenna, a homemade flowerpot dipole for 2m and 70cms, and a Home made QFH antenna. I also had a ADSB antenna for receiving aircraft position information. The question is what do I want to use at the new QTH?

HF Antenna Options

I have two options here, a long wire or a vertical. The long wire would be similar to my old QTH, fence height, running around the back garden. With the new EMF regulations and close proximity of neighbours this would be limited to 10W FT8 operation I suspect. Not a priority right now. The vertical option is more interesting. I've got a set of AMPRO ham sticks and a 3/8 adapter that I can mount on a pole or a tripod. So that might be a good single band option for SSB operations. I might investigate that further.

V/UHF Options

I'm a little spoilt for choice here. I'll need a table

Use Antenna Type Link Comments
ADSB Aircraft tracking White Stick Amazon link Just works... Will probably put this back up in the back garden. I might need to stealth it up a little, maybe put my Vulcan weathervane on the top
2m / 70cm FM Flowerpot Dipole Blog post Excellent as an FM antenna, might mount in the loft
2m SSB Halo antenna Moonraker Will be tested in Nov 144MHz UKAC and FMAC contests
2m portable Yagi Sandpiper Not tested yet. Planning to see if I can work ISS on APRS with it

Satellite Options

Part of my 2022 goals is going to be working up an FM satellite setup. I'd like to progress to QO-100 ultimately but let's start with the FM sats and a tracker and work up from there. Feels like a few blog posts in that subject alone.


I've got much to work on. Expect more blog posts as I get stuck into antenna building again. I suspect 2m / 70cms will be first...

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