Discovering new modes - Packet and DV - an overview


I've been experimenting with new modes...

New modes

One of the things that I've been doing since moving QTH is exploring some new modes. Specifically Packet Radio and Digital Voice. As this blog is my body of knowledge. I need to document what I've learnt before I forget it all, but also so I know what state some of these modes are in, as things are moving fast and there are lots of changes in config that I'm making that I want to capture somewhere.

Packet Radio

Packet Radio is an old mode, I remember it from cadets in the early 90s when it was all the rage. Being able to connect a computer (a BBC Master 128 from memory) to another via RF was like magic. Remember this was all pre-internet, well pre widespread adoption of the internet at least.

Why am I interested in Packet Radio?

My interest in Packet Radio comes from two sources:

  • Nostalgia for the early 90s, BBSs in particular and Packet Radio is a way back into that world
  • The archaeological aspect. Lots of the work on Packet slowed or stopped once the Internet was widely adopted. But there is so much in the mode that is still relevant and interesting to me. There is so much out there that did work, still works, or is not quite working. You never know what you will find.

Planned Packet Radio blog posts

Serial Title Description
001 Overview of Packet Radio in 2021 Think of this as my Packet Radio primer. I will probably update it as I go along
002 APRS Probably the most active use of Packet Radio in 2021 is APRS.
003 NinoTNC Build I found a great kit to build your own Terminal Node Controller, which let's me hook up my HT to Packet Radio
004 NinoTNC Operating Once you've build the NinoTNC, what can you do with it? This post will look at operating the TNC
005 Packet Radio - what next? What are my future plans for Packet Radio as a mode?

Digital Voice

I'm a sucker for a bargain, and Black Friday came up trumps and there was a great deal on the Anytone D878UVII Plus at Martin Lynch and Sons. It was £50 off the RRP, and £20 cheaper than anywhere else. This radio has APRS and DMR modes, so I had to have it. That started my explorations into Digital Voice and DMR. Again, I need to document my learning, so I'm planning a few blog posts to capture the key aspects of my learning.

Planned Digital Voice blog posts

Serial Title Description
001 Overview of Digital Voice Think of this as my Digital Voice primer. I will probably update it as I go along
002 AT-D878UVII Plus Review Overview of my first DMR capable HT the Anytone AT-D878UVII Plus
003 Codeplugs Programming the Anytone AT-D878UVII Plus
004 Digital Voice Hotspots Setting up an MMDVM Hotspot

Posts in this Series

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